Hatchery Releases Siciclando

Marking their 20th year in business, Siciclando turned to Hatchery to help them invigorate their online presence and marketing. We have focused on new site capabilities to improve conversion — essential for a business like Siciclando.

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2020 Filled With Exciting Projects

Hatchery is actively helping customers from all business sectors build products and new online solutions. Our current projects cover Clinical Trials, Custom Italian Bike Tours, the Travel Industry, College Baseball, Architecture, Project & Business Management, Telecommunications and Wine Distribution. Pretty cool. Some of the current projects...

SMi Trial

SMi Trial is a revolutionary, results-backed solution used to significantly strengthen the successful operation of clinical studies by assessing training comprehension, identifying and training to vital knowledge gaps, and providing training completion documentation. It is CFR Part 11 and GDPR compliant.

  • SMi Trial uses AWS Serverless technology. We use AWS Lambda for all compute and API Gateway in front of Lambda to secure and route traffic. AWS Lambda lets us run SMi Trial without provisioning or managing servers. Code is uploaded to AWS Lambda and everything is handled by AWS to run and scale the code.

    AWS Cognito is used for authentication. This service provides user sign-in and access control capabilities. Cognito also supports enterprise identity providers such as SAML 2.0 and MFA. AWS S3 is the physical storage system and AWS Dynamo DB is used as primary database. SMi Trial does not use traditional servers and this in turn reduces many traditional security risks found on VMs.

    The SMiTrial backend is built on Node.JS 10.x. The SMi Trial user interface is built using HTML/CSS/Bootstrap and Javascript.

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  • V-Tracker
  • Leveraging AWS features including S3 Storage, Elastic Cloud, RDMS, email and more, the Tracker system provides a CRM-like interface enabling Vertical's sales force to see a company in its entirety — people, activities, tasks, opportunities and leads. Each and every activity is tracked and recorded and tasks can be assigned to drive activity and accountability.

    • Powerful Reporting

      Real time sales and lead analysis — win/loss ratio, top performers, snapshots, branch reports, and all necessary forecasting

    • Territory Support

      Define who can see what and how they work within Tracker — Executives, GM's, Sales Managers and Account Managers all have their own refined interfaces.

    • Details

      Track anything you want about an opportunity — who touched the lead, account metadata, custom notes and useful underlying account persona.

    • Sales Tools

      Powerful task management, important product file access and even a knowledge portal to help ensure the sales team has everything they need to close deals.