• The need for speed

    Hatchery was hired to rebuild the Fanup software and infrastructure — a system that is both highly flexible and performs on demand. The Fanup software can be idle one moment and then handling a crowd of thousands in a matter of seconds. Today Fanup is used in stadiums around the country. The backbone is a rich AWS environment leveraging redundant services, extensive live monitoring, serverless Lambda services and data backup.

  • Pointr
  • Java API
  • Datawolf

    Behind the scenes Hatchery has developed the Fanup engine "Datawolf" — this is responsible for everything from live event updates, event and campaign management, Upland integration and much more. This engine gives Fanup the control they need to support events around the country and provide their customers with informed reporting.

"Hatchery is a key extension to our team. The moment we started working with Hatchery, we saw an immediate lift in the ability to meet client needs and rapidly increase product offerings. In addition to the crucial day-to-day support, the Hatchery Team has the ability to take the craziest of ideas and make them a reality, all while keeping efficiencies and future roadmap top of mind. Hatchery truly goes the extra mile in all aspects of our partnership and we have confidence in trust in all that they handle for us."