Emerging leader in scheduling and health record tracking for the pet industry.

  • Business Critical

    Pointr is responsible for pet information and grooming / day care appointments. The system is business mission critical. In order to support this Hatchery has established a highly redundant AWS-stack involving extensive monitoring, data backups and AWS services such as Elastic Cloud, S3, Lambda, SES and SNS.

  • Pointr
  • Java API
  • Built for change

    A powerful Java API has been developed to enable Pointr to be extended as it matures. For example Pointr works seamlessly with BNG Partners payment gateway and soon will work with the Ingenico card swipe utilities. Since Pointr is built using Java and AWS Services, we are able to easily leverage email, texting, Lambda and more.

"Prior to engaging with Hatchery, I had fairly good technology aptitude and virtually no experience with software development. After interviewing a few different software development firms, I chose Hatchery to partner with for development of my pet services business management software, Pointr.

I couldn't be happier. Their communication is great. Milestones are clearly defined & attained within the allotted time. I feel informed, excited and empowered to bring Pointr to public launch. With their partnership and expertise, I am poised to bring my idea to market and monetize it at a large scale. "