At Hatchery

We are focused on providing a premium service. From inception to execution and continued evolution...

We are focused on providing a premium service. From inception to execution and continued evolution...

Web Applications

From SaaS solutions for pet grooming scheduling, sports brands, sweepstakes, to single tenant clinical trials software, Hatchery can help you realize your product dream.

  • Rich Clients

    We use cutting-edge frameworks such as Bootstrap 5 or React. The end result...amazing user experiences.

  • Solid Backends

    We build robust Java-based backends with clean and concise API's so your product can both perform and evolve.

  • API's & Services

    Engage your product from other platforms using REST services. We focus on developing well-documented APIs.

  • Secure

    Using AWS Cognito, SSL and various encryption services, we develop highly secure products.

  • Rich Data

    Powerful data-rich products using Oracle, MySQL or NoSQL

  • Integration

    Our products integrate with platforms such as BNG, Google (Maps, Places, ...), Twilio, SendGrid, Docusign, MailChimp and many more.

  • eCommerce

    Using BNG's services we build powerful secure products that provide subscription services, direct transactions and/or card-swipe through a physical terminal.

  • Franchise-Ready

    Hatchery is well-versed in building products perfect for growing franchises with complex scaling needs.

  • Serverless Applications

    Take your applications to the next level! Using AWS Lambda, run highly scalable and secure applications without provisioning or managing servers. We use AWS Cognito, S3, DynamoDB and Node JS to build applications that demand the highest levels of security such as clinical trials or patient information.

  • Hatchery Mobile

    Hatchery Mobile

    We have developed a 100% session-less system which results in a powerful PWA (Progressive Web Application) solution that works perfectly on any mobile device or tablet.

    What's more, the Hatchery Mobile Platform does not give up any of powerful services — AWS Cognito-Based security, rich backend Java modeling, SQL or NoSQL access and more. The client works with anything from React, Ionic, Framework 7 and Bootstrap 5.

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Customers often ask whether we build Websites. Over the years we have learnt that no application goes into production without a way to promote and sell. Static or dynamic, simple or intricate, you name it, we can craft it. Over the years we have developed experience working with design, SEO and 3rd party integration (MailChimp, Google, Facebook etc).

"Prior to engaging with Hatchery, I had fairly good technology aptitude and virtually no experience with software development. After interviewing a few different software development firms, I chose Hatchery to partner with for development of my pet services business management software, Pointr.

I couldn't be happier. Their communication is great. Milestones are clearly defined & attained within the allotted time. I feel informed, excited and empowered to bring Pointr to public launch. With their partnership and expertise, I am poised to bring my idea to market and monetize it at a large scale. "