Are we a good fit?

The truth is we are not good for everyone. It's important we are a good fit for any customers we work with — especially considering we will be together for a long time!


The People

We are based out of Bozeman Montana, however our team is also located in California, Wyoming, South Dakota and London. We love to ski, skijor, mountain climb, road bike, mountain bike, hike, horse ride and hunt. We are also love technology and can spend hours talking about AI, wondering about Dune, talking about landing on Mars and debating the latest programming fads.

The team members also have different backgrounds. Our team includes a strong Math, Computer Science and Financial Engineering background. This helps us build Fintech and Life Science products, powerful algorithms and have a very analytical approach to complex problems. Our team is also comprised of highly creative people that manage projects, support customers, design and write copy.


What are we good at?

Below is a list of the areas we honestly believe we can help you with...

Formulating Ideas

We are an innovative group. Coffee or beer sessions are 100% appreciated. We have the people and experience to help you take your idea to the next stage. We also have close connections to help where needed with financial & business modeling or planning. We are very good at helping you take your concept and make it real. Read about WSE

SaaS Solutions

Years and years of experience! We are able to help you develop your revenue-generating product. We have the people, technology and experience to help you plan and navigate what it takes to create, deliver and support a SaaS product. This is always a good place to start a discussion!

Math, Finance & Computer Science

We are a math and finance-heavy group. (Don't worry, we are also artists!) This allows us to really focus on complex products that require this background. These skills manifest themselves in many ways including financial products, interesting algorithms/solutions or just clever outcomes.

Production Programming

All Hatchery programming undergoes code reviews and follows a highly conservative approach. Our libraries have been tested for years, and we have strict approaches to using open-source code. We also ensure all code is highly documented and follows rigorous source-control practices.


Experience matters! Hatchery has employed a team with critical experience in AWS, networking, and software development. We are also well-versed in regulated environments that require adherence to regulations, including HIPAA, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and 21 CFR Part 11. This matters!

Web & Design

Yes. We are a software development firm. However, our team is ready to develop your website or marketing environment. Every SaaS application needs marketing, so we have added designers, marketers, and developers to support these needs.

Flexible pricing to help you achieve your goals

Hatchery really believes in long term partnerships and this also involves project financing. Some of our customers already have deep pockets and others are just getting started and are looking to get financing.


A plan is developed to take the customer to an objective, such as an initial release. Once achieved the customer might initiate a new phase, or we might move to a maintenance and support model.


This common pricing plan is popular with startup companies. This plan involves a monthly billing plan and a revenue-sharing model to offset future hosting, maintenance, and development costs.


Hatchery is open to discussing licensing and equity structures, however these riskier structures are very carefully evaluated.

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"When we first started working on our new website I felt truly overwhelmed and this is the first important key support we received from Hatchery: they're highly organized and their experience let them (and us) clearly plan the vision and the proper steps for the project."

CEO, Siciclando

"Hatchery are a pleasure to work with, not only because they are very responsive, but also because of their creative ideas and understanding of business. This makes the development process from ideation to implementation very easy."

Juergen Swienty-Busch
Director, Elsevier Science

"Hatchery's deep development expertise has been a critical part of building and launching Pentane. The fact that their team is domestic makes for significantly easier planning and execution, while also adding flexibility and creativity that are crucial in an early-stage business."

Adam Callinan
CEO, Pentane

Frequently asked questions

Answers to some common questions...

Absolutely. In most situations we are able to find a payment plan structure to help small organizations.

Yes. We have designers and Web developers able to define your UI and UX.

This is one of Hatchery's strengths. We have AWS (Amazon Web Services) experts to help you with your planning, network, security, monitoring and much more.

This is a very common situation. We will start by understanding your product objectives and provide a proposal with various options. It is very unlikely we would use the code already created.