Clinical Data Quality Management and Medical Staff Training

ScienceMedia delivers science and medical training that engages. The sole mission is to improve on-the-job clinical competency by teaching complex science in easier ways to Life Sciences-focused organizations.


Hatchery has been ScienceMedia's development organization for 15 years. We began our relationship by building ScienceMedia Source and then in 2017 we began development of the ScienceMedia Trial product line.

"Hatchery has been a long time partner in helping to develop SMi's platforms. It has required a lot of effort on both sides to get to where we are now, but now we have two amazing and functional platforms. We could not have done this on our budget with anyone else. The development work on our website has been a continual improvement and greatly added value to our brand. The professionals on Hatchery's team are exceptional. Very responsive and great people to work with."

Michael Komai
Michael Komai
Director, ScienceMedia

ScienceMedia Source

This product is considered to be the largest cloud-based therapeutic area and clinical science learning platform designed specifically for biopharma and medtech companies. The platform is a game-changer, enabling corporate learning and development leaders to revolutionize training for thousands of learners worldwide. With SMi Source, users can access industry-trusted content instantly, saving time and cost of creating it themselves. SMi Source is more than just a learning platform. It's an individualized learning journey that focuses on the retention of key information to drive understanding and performance.

Below are some of the content types supported

Unmatchable visual enhancement
throughout the entire interface
Improved searchability with
multiple points of access
Streamlined navigation
of lesson plans

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ScienceMedia Trial

SMi Trial's innovative science of learning approach has already proven to significantly streamline clinical trial timelines by 20%, enabling faster site activations and more engaged participants. Importantly, it has been a primary force in eradicating costly protocol deviations and compliance errors, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of research integrity.

SMi Trial is a user-friendly, integrable cloud-based mobile platform with customized content. Trial empowers biopharmaceutical and medical device companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to embrace the science of learning to:

  • Alleviate screening failures
  • Reduce participant drop-outs, especially diverse and/or naive volunteers
  • Minimize risk to data quality, notably in decentralized trials
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SMi Trial users can visualize the protocol in action, bringing it to life

SMi Trial gives clinical trial training operations leaders the power to de-risk trials, increase diverse participant retention, streamline compliance documentation and deliver unparalleled ROI.

  • Ideal for sponsors of multi-site trials grappling with ongoing training of complex and changing protocols and staff turnover issues.
  • Proven its effectiveness in recent clinical trials, where it achieved record-breaking usage of over one million views in the first year, demonstrating its ability to engage site staff and ensure protocol compliance.
  • Replacing traditional protocol training decks or outdated systems with a highly effective multimodal learning experience.
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ScienceMedia's solutions rely on a combination of different technologies and systems.
  • AWS backbone. The products are a combination of session-based, sessionless and serverless solutions.
  • AWS monitoring
  • AWS backups
  • AWS cloudfront distribution.
  • MYSQL and DynamoDB
  • AWS Cognito
  • AWS S3
  • REST interfaces for data exchange
  • Hatchery EOS — security, caching, Java API's and much more.

Key Capabilities

  • Regulatory support — environments requiring adherence to regulations, including: HIPAA, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Multi-tenant SaaS products
  • Multi-year (7+) data backup
  • Rich REACT-based UI/UX
  • Real time intelligent data reporting and analysis
  • SaaS management systems giving ScienceMedia Software control over a complex multi-tenant system.

"Hatchery is our long term partner developing our SaaS platforms. It has been a major effort on both sides to get where we are now. I do not believe we could have done this with anyone else."

Mark Surles PhD.