Fanup Software

Revolutionizing Fan Brand Engagement

Since its inception in 2021, FanUp has been a trailblazer in fan engagement software, offering a white-glove service primarily catered to sports teams and agencies. Over the years Fanup built quite the client list including Heinekin, Coors, Miami Dolphins, PBR, CanAm, Nascar and Papa Johns.


FanUp's initial software iteration relied heavily on manual processes, requiring internal assistance for each promotional campaign. While effective, this approach limited scalability and hindered the company's ability to reach a broader demographic. FanUp and Hatchery sought a solution that would empower end users to create and execute campaigns independently while maintaining the customizability and brand integrity synonymous with their service.

Overcoming Challenges

The initial Fanup software focused primarily on enabling SMS-based fan engagement at events. This implied the software would have almost zero load and then would need to scale immediately enabling transactions with thousands of end users. The original development group created an ecosystem that relied on one specific 3rd party SMS provider and human interaction. This limited the type of campaigns that could be created and also implied employees needed to be present to ensure the event was completed correctly. In addition to this, the "client" (what users saw on their phone) had limited capabilities or flexibility. This restricted Fanup from easily creating unique phone-based experiences for the various brands.

Hatchery goes back to the drawing board

We have now worked with Fanup for 3+ years and released multiple versions of a new AWS-based software solution. In Q2 of 2023, Hatchery began working on their new Fanup Software platform that is designed to work symbiotically with the white-glove agency side of the business or as a self-serve SaaS solution.

Our goals were to develop a new software solution that would provide an ecosystem enabling change/growth for years to come. The software has to be both flexible and highly robust. We also decided to create a new multi-tenant data structure in order to support a full SaaS model if the customer prefers self-serve. (Note: in most cases Fanup customers look to a hybrid approach — white glove support and self-serve).

Another essential component of the project was to consolidate multiple services to improve efficiency, reduce customer costs and improve overall system stability. The original system leverage multiple services including Heroku, TinyURL, Dynamo, MySQL, Bootstrap, React, React Native and much more. Using Hatchery's Rova platform we were able to reduce the services by some 60%. A simple example is that Hatchery's Rova platform includes a "native" URL minimization system (Hatchery Connect) that works seamlessly with all our other services. This implies we do not have to "hop" from one system to another needlessly.

Hatchery and Fanup Software have now released a new user-centric platform accessible to sports teams, agencies, influencers, brands, and small businesses alike. This software involved a high level of innovation, empowering end users to create custom campaigns in any timezone with absolute ease. From personalized user flows to instant feedback via SMS, web links, and QR code entry, FanUp revolutionized fan engagement for its current users and opened the door for future users.


Fanup Software relies on Hatchery's SaaS code platform Rova. We have moved forward with a modern stack the involves some of the following:
  • AWS backbone including Pinpoint for 2-way SMS. Using Pinpoint we can enable customers to leverage their own shortcodes and provide highly intelligent logic.
  • AWS monitoring
  • AWS backups
  • AWS cloudfront distribution. Leveraging the cloudfront distribution offered by AWS we provide a near instant fan engagement.
  • REST interfaces for data exchange
  • Hatchery Rova — security, REDIS caching, solid Java API's and much more.
  • Flexible client rendering using REACT, Vite and other modern technologies.

Key Capabilities

  • Multi-tenant SaaS product supporting flexible user roles
  • Stripe integrated payments, supporting multiple product tiers
  • On-fly QR Code generation
  • Dynamic client stack supporting modern interactivity such as drag and drop campaign/event building
  • On the fly legal terms generation for promotions
  • Real time intelligent data reporting and analysis
  • SaaS management system giving Fanup Software control over a complex multi-tenant system.
Ellie Van Dyke

"Hatchery is an extension of our team. The moment we started working with them, there was an immediate lift in our ability to meet client demands, and we also increased our product offerings"

Ellie Van Dyke

COO, Fanup Software