Land Health Dashboard

Visualize data for on-ranch planning and forecasting

Having the ability to utilize real-time data to make adaptive management decisions is a game-changer. Whether you're tracking grazing plans, soil and precipitation data, or changing wildlife patterns, Western Sustainability Exchange's (WSE) Land Health DashboardTM (LHD) is a data-driven resource that allows you to pull year-to-year herd and data comparisons. This tool helps you maintain a holistic view while working with nature to make proactive regenerative land management decisions.

Graphing within Dashboard...
Graphing within Dashboard...

WSE recognized the need for a comprehensive tool to measure and monitor the progression of regenerative management practices on ranches. They sought to harness the power of machine learning and specific datasets to collect both qualitative and quantitative data that would accurately reflect the environmental benefits achieved at the individual ranch level. Additionally, they aimed to utilize this data for AI-backed decision-making, explore novel markets, and enhance the verification of value-added animal products.

Hatchery's Solution

As a software development company specializing in creating user-friendly SaaS applications with advanced functionalities, WSE partnered with Hatchery to develop the Land Health Dashboard. Recognizing the unique requirements of WSE's project, Hatchery immersed itself in the field of regenerative agriculture, becoming experts in the intricacies of land management practices and environmental impact assessment. The major complexity in this system is that the data comes in many forms including JSON, RDMBS data, CSV/Excel, satellite content, KML/KMZ, ESRI Shape Files and more. We needed to provide technology to normalize the various types into a format a single API could "talk to".

The approach

Understanding the Domain:

Hatchery dedicated significant resources to understand the nuances of regenerative agriculture and the specific needs of WSE's target demographic. This involved conducting extensive research, consulting with experts in the field, and collaborating closely with WSE's team to define clear objectives and requirements.

User-Centric Design: With a deep understanding of the end-users' needs, Hatchery designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the Land Health Dashboard. The application was carefully crafted to provide obvious prompts for entering data, ensuring ease of use even for users with limited technical expertise.

Advanced Functionality: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and AI, Hatchery developed robust algorithms to analyze the data collected by the dashboard. This enabled WSE to derive actionable insights for decision-making and explore new opportunities for market development.

Reporting and Analytics: The Land Health Dashboard is equipped with comprehensive reporting metrics, allowing end-users to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make proactive decisions to enhance land health and sustainability.

The result

Hatchery has delivered a highly dynamic product, fueled by complex and layered data. In addition to the technical product, Hatchery has also developed a close relationship with WSE domain experts and WSE customers. This relationship allows Hatchery to work very closely with the WSE team.


  • React
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Stripe
  • MapBox
  • Custom Charts (APEX)
  • Proprietary database services.
  • AWS services including Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudFront, S3, CDK, Cognito.

Key Capabilities

  • Extracted insights that lead to data driven decisions
  • Complex graze tracking
  • Complex algorithms for building and displaying interactive maps.
  • Multi-tenant SaaS product supporting custom user roles
  • AWS Serverless system
  • Stripe integrated payments
  • Flexible stack options
  • Dynamic client with drag and drop capabilities
  • Real time intelligent data reporting and analysis
  • Proprietary equations for calculating and tracking regenerative processes
  • Administration management system including Shapefile upload capabilities
Colin McClure

Our partnership with Hatchery has improved the speed of deployment of our SaaS tool at a pace we could not have achieved alone. The analytical prowess of their backend team regarding data organization and computational math wizardry is top-notch.

The product Hatchery provides helps us reach our goal of creating a simple-to-use, highly functional, value-added tool for managing complex data sets. With every update the team pushes, I'm giddy with excitement about experiencing the magic Hatchery has spun up!

As a bonus, the Hatchery team is filled with down-to-earth folks who know what they're doing and are an absolute pleasure to be around. I cannot recommend Hatchery highly enough!

Colin McClure
Grazing Monitoring Coordinator, WSE