The eCommerce Profitability Platform

Pentane Desktop

Adam Callinan approached Hatchery to help develop his new SaaS application. Adam had spent extensive time building mathematical tools within Excel. He wanted to move from Excel to a SaaS solution that could scale.

Hatchery works extremely closely with Adam and his team to understand his vision and refine the concept into a robust modern software solution.

Through iterative development cycles and continuous feedback loops, we have transformed Adam's complex Excel sheets into a sleek and intuitive SaaS platform with powerful integrations including Quickbooks, Shopify, Amazon Marketplace and Meta. Companies can upload their own P&L and be up and running in minutes!

Pentane helps customers...

  1. See exact revenue, ROAS, and ad spend required be profitable. Adding a new employee or office? Find out how revenue, ROAS, and ad spend must adjust to pay for that, before you spend it.
  2. Pentane tracks true profitability in real-time, alongside a list of mission-critical KPIs, allowing you to identify what is working for your bottom line and what is not.
  3. When real-time oversight is combined with accurate data for profitable revenue, ROAS, and ad spend, you'll have the information required to operate a healthier company.


  • AWS backbone including Pinpoint for SMS and communication.
  • AWS monitoring
  • AWS backups
  • A myriad of security implementions
  • AWS cloudfront
  • REST interfaces for data exchange
  • Hatchery Rova — security, REDIS caching, solid Java API's and much more.
  • Flexible client rendering using REACT, Next.js and other modern technologies.

Key Capabilities

  • Multi-tenant SaaS product supporting flexible user roles
  • Stripe integrated payments, supporting multiple product tiers
  • Dynamic client stack
  • Sophisticated data uploading
  • Real time intelligent data reporting and analysis
  • SaaS management system giving Pentane control over a complex multi-tenant system.
  • P&L upload — system dynamically handles any P&L
  • Custom integration services: Shopify, Amazon Marketplace, Meta, Quickbooks and an ever-growing list
  • Hatchery SaaS Manager — management of global accounts and all related information

"Hatchery's deep development expertise has been a critical part of building and launching Pentane. The fact that their team is domestic makes for significantly easier planning and execution, while also adding flexibility and creativity that are crucial in an early-stage business."

Adam Callinan