The only pet business software design by people in the pet industry

Hatchery was approached by Josh Allen to develop a new SaaS software to manage pet records, family profiles, grooming and daycare schedules, appointments, and mobile routes — all in one place. As of Q1 2024, Pointr has over 80 accounts, 80k pets, 70k family members and has sent over 270,000 SMS messages.

Pointr provides pet records — detailed, up-to-date information on each pet — including medical records, liability waivers, behavior and nutrition notes, and more.

Pet Records

Family profiles — pet parents, caregivers, and siblings are all connected in the system — so there's no room for error.

Family Records

Grooming management — manage a team of 2 or 20. Pointr's grooming management solutions include easy online scheduling, breed-specific settings, digital pet report cards, and client-facing SMS messaging.

Pointr Dashboard

Mobile grooming — Manage schedules, define routes and service boundaries, and accept payments directly in Pointr. Owners can set routes and rules, see the groomer status in real time (Get a live view of grooming van locations and appointment progress so you can get ahead of delays) and send automated SMS messages reminding customers about appointments, collect payments and keep pet owners updated on the status of the groomer or pet.

Family Records

2-way SMS — Pointr provides sophisticated two-way SMS capabilities. Customers are texted notifications prior and during an appointment. Customer are able to confirm their appointments or communicate with groomers. Messages are visible within the application and can be easily searched or sorted.

Sentiment — Communication is automatically run through a sentiment engine. The product is able to immediately determine whether communication was positive, negative, mixed or neutral. Aggregating this information immediately a store see whether customers are happy or not. Using this information along with customer support information, allows us to provide proactive actions vs. reactive.


Pointr relies on Hatchery's SaaS code platform called Rova. We have moved forward with a modern stack the involves some of the following:
  • AWS backbone including Pinpoint for 2-way SMS.
  • AWS Comprehend for Natural Language Processing
  • AWS monitoring
  • AWS backups
  • AWS cloudfront distribution. Leveraging the cloudfront distribution offered by AWS we provide a near instant fan engagement.
  • REST interfaces for data exchange
  • Oracle MYSQL
  • Google Maps

Key Capabilities

  • Highly sophisticated proprietary CRM to support families and pets.
  • Drag and drop calendar scheduling
  • Intelligent Google maps including route creation
  • Integration with various 3rd party services vis REST services
  • Proprietary membership program
  • Proprietary Point of Sale (POS) system supporting vendors, products and integrated payments
  • Integrated payments with RanchPayments. This includes saving card on file and ability to with Ingenico Lane card reader
  • Subscription system
  • Real time intelligent data reporting and analysis
  • SaaS management system giving Pointr control over a complex multi-tenant system.
  • White labeling — Pointr is typically white labeled by organizations such as Earthwise Pet.

"Prior to engaging with Hatchery, I had fairly good technology aptitude and virtually no experience with software development. After interviewing a few different software development firms, I chose Hatchery to partner with for development of my pet services business management software, Pointr.

I couldn't be happier. Their communication is great. Milestones are clearly defined & attained within the allotted time. I feel informed, excited and empowered to bring Pointr to public launch. With their partnership and expertise, I am poised to bring my idea to market and monetize it at a large scale. "

Josh Allen
CEO, Pointr
CEO, Montana Dog Food Co.