Powerful solutions need powerful backends

Building on AWS

Building on AWS storage, compute, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, Hatchery innovates and deploys new business applications for various industries including retail, Life Science, manufacturing, entertainment, and more...

Everything Improved

From spinning up new regions in under an hour instead of days or weeks to using serverless graph systems where we can scale unlimited vertices and edges and more than 100,000 queries per second for the most demanding applications... AWS is our backbone for building amazing SaaS products.


All systems are monitored for availability, performance, and security. Our "availability monitor" alerts the operation team of any interruptions in service. The "performance monitor" is used to identify slow performance either as a single incident or over time. The data from the performance monitor is also used for capacity planning and scaling up resources.

Our "security monitor" is used to alert the security team of any malicious activity. Known bad actors are automatically blocked. DDOS prevention protects us against attacks targeted toward a specific website or AWS network.

The DevSecOps team is on call 24x7 to address any alerts from these monitors.

Leveraging AWS Services

Our DevOps group is either certified in specific AWS services or grown extensive experience over the years.

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Backups and Storage

All systems are backed up to meet RTO and RPO requirements. The backup frequencies vary from application to application and range from hourly to daily. Hatchery takes into consideration GDPR requirements for personal data retention and purges old backups to meet this requirement. Backups are tested monthly to make sure they are valid and that restore time meet the customer's SLA requirements.


Hatchery's data centers are built using a well-architected framework from AWS. Each data center runs many server-based and serverless applications. Hatchery maintains several data centers in various countries. All centers are tied to an AWS backbone network that provides us low latency and high levels of security. All data is encrypted in rest and transit.


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